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Bubble Bra Laundry Ball

Bubble Bra Laundry Ball

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A pair of fitted and fashion bra is of great significance for
almost all women. However, when it comes to washing,
especially machine washing, many people feel
distressed. Since each bra has its standard, if changed,
it will be harmful to females.

Today we will give a piece of gropel. Our latest product
Bubble Bra Laundry Ball is designed to help you wash
your bra, protecting it from out of the shape. It is
composed of two semicircles which are similar to the
shape of bra. When you wash bra, you can put it in
the semicircle, and then put the ball into laundry machine.
You never fear that there may be something damage to your bra.

Made of high quality plastic material
Designed according to the shape of bra
Suitable for many sizes
Safely machine washes your favorite bras and delicates
Bras last longer and look better.
Extends the life of your delicates.
More effective than mesh lingerie bags
Provide you with great convenience

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